The Adventurer

Hear my roar!
Hear my roar! I’m fearless, curious and free… You set the boundaries? No thanks, I can make my own rules. You tell me to sit still and look pretty? Forget it. I want to explore the world around and push my limits. I am pure energy, I can’t waste my time sleeping on the couch. That’s dull! Get out of your comfort zone, join me in my quest: life is a hunt!







The Adventurer Cat Personality

Among all the Petipos, the Adventurer is perhaps the one who lives their life to the fullest. Confident and curious about everything, they want to push their limits, exploring the environment and experiencing everything the world has to offer.


Fearless and independent, this Petipo loves using their imagination to play hunts and energetic games as much as they can. If not enough stimulated during the day, the Adventurer will probably start a night hunt, running up and down the house to burn their extra energy.


Every day is a new adventure to live with enthusiasm and an open mind. New is good, but old is boring, so keep in mind that they may be easily bored if not involved in a quest, eager to move to the next adventure. This unique perspective makes life with an Adventurer companion both endlessly entertaining and continuously challenging, since their curious and spontaneous character could be unpredictable, even to their close buddies and loved ones.


Experiencing new things is just part of the fun: a good quest needs to be shared! The Adventurer will love partners in crime to play with, whether it is a pet or a human. Playing alone is ok, but playing with someone else is much better.


India is a high energetic cat: she climbs higher, jumps farther and plays harder than anyone else. Nothing scares her and anything can happen with her around, since she is not particularly concerned with rules or regulations.
Her curiosity pushes India to making connections with others pets and people: in fact, she is very social and can be very friendly if she has companions to instigate her curiosity.

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