What is Petipos?

Petipos is about curiosity, exploring cat personalities. The name itself (pet + tipos) would suggest it. We love cats so much, and we believe that each one of them have their unique identity: a special combination of traits that pictures an individual's distinctive character. We framed them into several personality stereotypes, to give people the opportunity to fully acknowledge and appreciate their cats’ lifestyle.

Not science, but love.

These personality types aren’t black-and-white labels. Think of them more as stereotypes about cats and their behavior. While there’s probably one core type that best describes your cat, they may change types throughout the stage of their life, or even according to the nature of the relationship with a specific human. It’s not unusual if you will discover that your cat has a little bit of all the Petipos types inside them…

Connected more than ever.

We are so different, and yet we deeply understand each other. We “speak” different languages, but still we can communicate in a way that goes far beyond the spoken language. We know the great importance of communicating, and we think that knowing our cats’ personality could lead us to better understand their behavior and needs, and finally create a deep and much more meaningful connection with them. After all, we want cats to be understood and respected for who they really are, just like us.

Which type is your pet?

We are happy to bring you this test, and we sincerely hope to help you to better understand your cat’s soul. Based on behavioral cat traits, the Petipos test evaluates your cat’s habits, such as how they behave, how they react to peculiar situations and how they interact with the world around them. Since we don’t understand their language (yet), we collected 15 questions for you to answer: most of the questions are about body language, so keep an eye on your little friend for a while, and try to catch their secret habits to fully discover their true self.

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